I should Blog more

Hey there peeps Yep think I will make it my new years resolution for 2018 to Blog more lol… still a few months away from that though.

Here though is my latest Vlog which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel if you want to go and check it out.

I am currently working on My Vlogmas 2017 plan, so at least this year I will be prepared rather than jumping straight into it like last year.

Also planning on a Halloween special Vlog

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Aqua Dragons Vs Sea Monkeys Unboxing

Here is the first of many and its only the Unboxing but next Sunday 20th August 2017 will be the first full week of the weekly Diary.

I intend to record mondays – sundays the progress of the Sea monkeys and aqua dragons into one vlog so you all can keep track of which is best.


More Vlogs on the way

Hey there everyone reading this, I have a few YouTube Vlogs uploading at the moment to put online so apologies for the delay in putting any Videos online.

This week has been a bit of a strange week really I tried to vlog Monday and Tuesday but they never turned out how I wanted them to so I deleted them never to be see again. So the vlogs I am uploading at the moment are Thursday 6th April 2017, one for Friday 7th April 2017 and Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April I made them individual as they were quite long as in 5 mins each ish lol.. There is also an additional Vlog going up I recently watched some of my old vlogs and the one that had the most views was my Look back at working at Alton Towers vlog which gained 137 views but when I watched it the camera was way to close and it was filmed on my old camera or tablet I cant remember lol so I filmed a New Vlog on the subject with some photos this time and it goes on for at least 14 mins which is longer than the past one and more informative and meaningful. plus since I filmed the vlog about a year ago I have gained more confidence in vlogging and talking to the camera.

So hope you like the vlogs when they have uploaded I will link them on here and don’t forget I am heading to London tomorrow 10th April 2017 and Brighton on Tuesday 11th April so expect some good vlogs this week sometime..

So see you shortly with the links



My Next Vlog coming soon Week 14 part 2

Filmed first part of part 2 this morning chatted about My New dpk logo which I have been using the past few months that’s featured on all my recent Thumbnails for my YouTube Vlogs, I like to call Vlogs Films because that’s what they are, short films. Also within the chat I explain the reason for the logo and show you some of the other art work he has done within the shop.

I am hoping that part 2 will be just today’s Film Thursday 30th March 2017 as I filmed allot and do not like my films being more than 5 mins, so fingers crossed I will upload later tonight GMT about 9pm as that’s when most of the other parts of the world are home.

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Regards Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Week 14 Part 1 Vlog

Here is my first part of my weekly Vlog, Normally I upload on Sundays but now and again you have to think outside the box and break your own rules lol and me being random well that explains it I hope.

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So until part 2 in a few days time…

thank you for watching..


My Sunday extra Vlogs 26th March 2017


Just a short compilation of chit chat from the week of Vlogging but I lost half my recordings due to a silly error on my half, so planning a new way of editing my Vlogs and making sure I dont loose any data, plus during the week when chatting to the camera I do tend to repeat myself allot which I found annoying especially when editing lol but its something I have learned from watching myself on film, There are a few quirky things I have noticed about myself when I talk that im trying to iron out lol so thank you Vlogging you have taught me a few things lol lol lol


My Sunday Vlog 26th March 2017

This vlog is mainly a collection of short videos I filmed on my old Mobile Phone in 2009 so the picture quality is not so good..

Sandy the cat is a Ragdoll Cat which was given to us as a kitten she stayed here for a few years, During her stay here she was a definate shop cat keeping us entertained all the time some good memories and even though the video quality is pretty poor i am so glad I managed to get some film footage for a memory.

She is still doing well but not living here.

Re-Make of my Port Lympne Film from 2010

I decided to Go through my old films I recorded many years ago well seems like yesterday really but cant believe 7 years since this..

I did make a film after going to Port Lympne but kept the files on a disk so I copied all the files to this laptop and made a completely new film, there’s lots of film I went through lots that did not appear originally so this is what I did..

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Thank you..

My attempt to film under sea

This is an experiment using my cheap action camera

About a year ago I wondered into the shop B&M and purchased for £19.99 an Intempo Action Camera and yes i knew before i brought it that it was a cheap version of the Go-Pro and it was not that good but ehh im not an action person so thought why not.

Yep you get what you paid for and its worth £19.99 you cant do the full on action film that the others do because when you watch the film back its all wobbly like jelly when the camera moves sideways lol.. but for still action shots its not bad, the biggest let down is the battery life can last about 30 mins if its constantly recording but if you stop and start then it lasts about 20 mins.

I was impressed with what I filmed and this was the first time I have used it with the plastic underwater cover which worked perfect.

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