My Day in Brighton 25th Sept 17

My i360 vlog and walking round Brighton


Weight Loss Blog take 2

Ok so before xmas 2016 I made a new years resolution to follow from January about going on a diet which worked for about 6 weeks then I got depressed again and it all went out the window lol.. So prepare for Take 2 this time it will be a Blog I will do updates … Continue reading Weight Loss Blog take 2

Brighton Vlog part 2 & 3 now live

Here are the last 2 parts of my holiday vlogs. Part 2 ^^ Part 3 ^^ Remember to Click on one of the above to watch the video thank you for your support and please subscribe, follow, like..

London Vlog part 4 now live

The Final part of my London vlog is up and running on my YouTube channel if you have watched the last 3 then please watch this to conclude the parts.. but dont forget my Brighton ones are on the way as well... Vlog part 4 click on the screen above to watch the video... … Continue reading London Vlog part 4 now live

London Vlog part 1 Ok here it is the first part of my London Vlog each part will be online live each night Scheduled London Vlog part 2 6pm 14th april London Vlog part 3 6pm 15th april London Vlog part 4 6pm 16th april Brighton Vlog part 1 6pm 17th april Brighton Vlog part 2 6pm 18th … Continue reading London Vlog part 1