Why YouTube are you letting this happen

OK so first thing yes i know this is a Blog and nothing to do with YouTube but this is something I prefer to type up on a Blog and then do a Vlog without all the anger lol, not that this will be me angry but here goes..

This morning I read on teletext that Logan Paul (some famous YouTuber) has beaten Zoella with the amount of younger people following, why ohh why, after all the things that have gone on over the past month he is getting the wrong audience, Look at it this way please. say you have kids maybe you do maybe you dont but lets say you do would you rather your kids watch someone who will give off positivity and give advice like proper life skills without all the childish behaviour, or would you rather let your kids watch someone that is grown up act like a dick head and film dead bodies and play silly pranks on people, well I would rather someone positive a good role model like Alfie Deyes, the ingham family , zoella etc,.

Why is it that young kids are able to watch grown up idiots, these kids will grow up thinking its normal to film dead bodies, play silly pranks on people, throw water over people knowing there was a scare of acid attacks, they have no morals, that is not a good role model for anyone to have.

After writing the above Yesterday I have had time to reflect and I still think YouTube should help somehow with the new staff they are employing to monitor the bad YouTubers maybe this is what they are planning, well lets hope so. So the first 3 paragraphs of this was typed up on 31st January and this paragraph 1st February 2018. sometimes Its tricky to type its like having stage fright lol plus yesterday when I got back home I was to tired to think straight.

I am still planning on doing a short vlog about the above which I hope to film Sunday coming.  If you are a vlogger then please leave a message to say what you think of all this, and it would be nice to get a message seeing as no one does lol….

thank  you for reading this.

Until my next blog.


Christmas eve already

Where do the days and years go. This year has flown past is it because I’m getting older.

It’s 8am and just searching through the TV and found an old classic TV show lovejoy Christmas special from the 90s lol and it is not bad even after all these years, also made me laugh if you watch eastenders soap then Denise is in this looks very young.

So what’s everyone up to today?

It’s Christmas day tomorrow wow lol I need to get my dpk show special recorded today as well.

Vlogging in March

Hey there my loyal viewer or Newbie..

This month my aim is to upload a review each day could be tv, movie, old games, people, etc

this was my first one and its of the old classic tv series from the 80’s Star Fleet which not many of you would know about, it came out on Saturday Morning tv and then vanished only to appear about 30 years later on DVD..

So take a look at my review and see what you think.


dpk Vlog: Canterbury Wildlife

This was filmed on my Dinner Break whilst I was working in Canterbury next to Sainsburys there is a stream that leads to The Marlow Theater and this is some of what I filmed.

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dpk Vlog: 26th February 2017

Hey there everyone welcome back to my Blog and newest Vlog link.  This week has been a bit of a mixed one as I spent 2 Days working in the Canterbury shop and 3 days in the Ashford shop and I have not filmed much this week, I did take my camera with me everyday but you know when you dont see anything good enough to film and the result is just a few mins of video so was easy to edit lol.

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d.p.k Vlog: My Book Idea “Evolution of a Vlogger”

This is one of the biggest challenges I have Faced since Being a YouTube Vlogger

I would love to write a book based on Vloggers when they first started out, what they hoped to achieve and the Hurdles they have had to overcome to be Famous in the spot light all the time, what its like to be in magazines and on TV and how they feel now and how it effects every day life for them.

The only problem is starting off the project as I have tried contacting certain vloggers but no response etc,. I Guess I have to keep trying and make they realize that I am Genuine on this idea.

If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know in a comment.. Thank you

Weight Loss Blog #07



Yep as I said this week my Weight Loss are going to be just BLOGS from now on no more Vlogging about Weight Loss because I was not getting the viewers and it takes about 2 hrs to get a video recorded and edited and other things just to get no viewers and Blogging only takes a few mins, but if people comment saying they want the Vloggs back then I will.

I am not giving up on my Weekly Vlogs though about general life that is going to be ongoing will I feel the urge to stop.

So well cant believe its been 7 weeks since I started my weight loss Diet, Started at 109kg and last week was down to 106kg so thats not bad for the first 6 weeks and today I am still at 106kg but I did let myself go a little this week by having a McDonald’s meal but did walk it off and it didn’t effect my weekly result lol but I guess treating myself once in awhile is no harm as long as its not everyday.

I have been working in Ashford this week so my eating pattern has been out of sink ad not eating as much as I should do and not the correct healthy food, but hardly any bad apart from the McDonald’s meal.

This week im back to normal work wise so will have soup for dinner and tea will vary when I get back from work every day.

So from this week onward.

SUNDAYS 8pm: Weight loss blog and what I weigh in KG

TUESDAYS 8pm: Just a general update on my lifestyle and eating habbits

FRIDAYS 8pm: Again just general chat about things and updates from Tuesdays

This is what I have planned for the evenings on them days

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My Latest VLOG Delay


Hey there this is a pain in the ass lol pardon my language, the internet here where I live is just naff there are 30 people living here and 99% use WI-FI so its hard for me to upload sometimes during the weekend and today is one of them days so my Vlogs will be uploaded tomorrow Monday 13th Feb in the morning.

I have I 5 vlogs to upload all from the week just gone, thought I would separate the videos so they are about 6 mins each. While im typing this I am uploading the best I can so might get one or two vlogs uploaded tonight lol so I will link through here.

The photo above was taken on Saturday 11th February 2017 8am before I went to work.

So fingers crossed I get my Vlogs up and running within the next day or so.


Weight Loss Vlog #06

Week #06 of my weight loss

cat believe its been 6 weeks already wow lol

within the last 6 weeks I have eaten less Junk Food, not snacked on crisps maybe the one packet but not like before, no fizzy pop at all apart from flavored sparkling water and the odd energy drink now and again, I used to drink fizzy pop all the time.

I drink more water at night and stopped eating at night, apart form the odd fruit here and there,

So I am trying and its working even though I cant see any difference in my weight by looking at me when I walk to work and back im not so much out of breath as its a steep hill I have to walk up and used to have breathing problems but now its no where near as bad.

so keep following to see my improvements.