My RYE vlog

Here it finally is my short visit to Rye which is a nice place to visit lots of old cobble Streets and lots of hills. 

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My RYE vlog Tomorrow


Here is the teaser thumbnail for my Vlog tomorrow.

I have spent 2 hrs editing all my film footage and there was allot 10 gig worth lol managed to get a 12 min video I wanted to put more in but thought 12 mins was long enough.

The video is mainly Music and recorded footage of the bus journey in Fast Forward and me chatting now and again but not much lol.

In 2 weeks time I will be going to London for the day as I normally do when I get time off.. This time I will go and pay my respect on Westminster bridge for the ones who died.

so expect lots of film that will take me days to edit, also with a Brighton trip as well the day after im going to need all Easter weekend to edit it all..

So 6pm Tomorrow 28th March 2017 the vlog of my RYE trip will be online, I have already Scheduled it for that time and day just in case I forget..

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On my way to Rye 

Hey there everyone reading this I’m on my way to Rye for the day in the south east. I’m on the bus and it’s only a 2hr bus ride going through folkestone, Dymchurch, camber sands then Rye. I am hoping to get. Some good video to edit for a vlog. 

I will try to take some pics to add to this vlog as well. 


d.p.k Vlog: My Book Idea “Evolution of a Vlogger”

This is one of the biggest challenges I have Faced since Being a YouTube Vlogger

I would love to write a book based on Vloggers when they first started out, what they hoped to achieve and the Hurdles they have had to overcome to be Famous in the spot light all the time, what its like to be in magazines and on TV and how they feel now and how it effects every day life for them.

The only problem is starting off the project as I have tried contacting certain vloggers but no response etc,. I Guess I have to keep trying and make they realize that I am Genuine on this idea.

If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know in a comment.. Thank you

Folkestone Vlog almost here


Just noticed an error in the picture oops im still a newbie..

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this sunny,but chilly Tuesday here in England.

My next Vlog is due to be scheduled on YouTube 4.30pm today, so please take a look and see what you think, will link it here after 4.30pm.

I went to Folkestone for a few hours on Monday 23rd January 2017, did lots of filming about 16gig worth which I have edited and made into a 14 min vlog.


Foggy Folkestone 

Today monday 23rd January 2017 i decided to go to folkestone for a few hours and film a new vlog.  

this was foggy dover 

testing my canon. ixus 177 zoom and focus.  not bad

the video will be up and running on YouTube hopefully tomorrow around 4.30pm. 

lots of fast forwarding in the vid but im impressed,  took my time editing this one so i hope it shows.