My week April 2018 (Week 14)

Just over 2 years ago they started building the new St James retail park in Dover.  When I started running the Bench Street shop in January 2016 they had just knocked down the old building that was there and what an eye soar that was, when I was vlogging those days in the shop I actually recorded outside when they were building so I will have to go through all them vlogs and take images and put them in a slide show on here which will bring back some memories, but first before that I will put some new pictures up, so far as I type this there are only a handful of shops open Cineworld,  Nandos, Iceland, Costa, Poundland with others moving in within the next few weeks’ time, when they are open I will go and take some newer photos for this vlog.

Now to the big question is the shopping complex going to improve footfall in Dover, my thoughts are yes even though some of the big shops in dover are moving into the complex like M&S the main shops will close leaving the town a bit empty so hoping that other companies will move into some of the shops, we know that B&M will be moving into where M&S are at the moment which will be good, if we get more shops like that then the town will not be forgotten, this kind of change is happening in most towns and city’s new complexes being built, I remember the time I went to Swindon a few years back they had the Old Town and the new shopping area which to me was nice and not bad looking but I was only a visitor.

I have so far recorded a few vlogs this week showing the new complex just walking round the car park. I did go and see the new film Ready Player One in 3D in the new cinema Cineworld, the film was amazing in 3D can’t wait for that to come out on Bluray.

The reason for this vlog is just to let you know how I’m doing and how life has been treating me this week, yep that’s what I am planning doing a weekly blog on my life and week which will hopefully make an interesting read and not a boring one hopefully, I will include photos from the week and the ups and downs.

So far I have been ok at Daily Vlogging on YouTube the link you can find below to my channel, and this week I have off work so lots planned vlogging wise and photo wise.

So what I want to vlog in the week..

  1. Sundays – Saturdays (every week)
  2. Films watched
  3. Work days
  4. Events
  5. Gossip
  6. News
  7. Other interesting things

I can’t plan what I will be doing each day but I can blog the best I can.

So hopefully this new plan will work better for my Blogs

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Back to Brighton 10th July 2017

Yep I have said this in other blogs and vlogs that I intend to go back to Brighton after my First visit in April and go on the i360 and Vlog the whole experiene and that is what I am going to do Next Monday 10th July 2017 and I cant wait..

I also have plans to go back to the Duck Shop (yes i ment Duck) they sell rubber ducks in different character clothing


I really want to buy 2 of them and use one in My Vlog Videos and it will appear now and again and if i got London I want to take him to the parks and take pics with him in different places lol… sounds like a mad idea or a challenge..

the picture above I had taken when I went in April.