Aqua Dragons – The life of

Welcome and you are the first to see the screen shots, I have created a few vlogs which are not uploaded yet so be privileged to see these lol..

I tried this last year but I accidentally over fed them and the water was polluted so this time I am making sure I dont goof it up, This will be a weekly vlog and Blog but I will blog pictures first before the vlog goes online.

As you can see in these Day 03 photos there are hundreds of little Aqua Dragon Babies swimming round, they normally take about 2 week to grow so they become more visible, the more they grow the better the photos, so if you want to follow the progress of my Aqua Dragons then please follow this blog, I will also link future vlogs here as well so you can check my YouTube vids.

I will blog again in a few days time with more pictures, the first video will be going on YouTube 18th March 2018…



My Aqua Dragons Vlog

Hey there welcome to my update on the Sea Monkeys and Aqua Dragons week 1 Vlog blog lol now im confusing myself..

Update Aqua Dragons V Sea Monkeys

Update 17th August 2017 Day 05

Ok so the past few days have been a bit bumpy Both seemed to be sprouting lots of babies swimming round and was getting very excited but when I woke up this morning day 05 the sea monkeys had all vanished not any alive so dont know what I did there but things should be ok there are thousands of eggs in the tank.

The Aqua Dragons though are living and slowly getting bigger I now dont have to stand so close to see the little dots to move.

The good news is that the sea monkeys as I type this I can see very minute babies appearing so only a few days and they will be ok I hope.

Will add fresh new pictures in the next vlog regarding this Diary.



Aqua Dragons Vs Sea Monkeys August 15th 2017

Have you ever had Sea Monkeys or Aqua Dragons well I have done the double and creating a weekly Vlog and Daily Blog on these critters.

I woke up and looked this morning 15th August 2017 and there were a few babies already out and when I checked at dinner break there were loads.

Sea Monkeys 15th August 2017
a few babies



Link to my Playlist on YouTube Channel

I am doing a weekly vlog all the weeks diary vlogs in one vlog every Sunday while I can.


Aqua Dragons Vs Sea Monkeys Unboxing

Here is the first of many and its only the Unboxing but next Sunday 20th August 2017 will be the first full week of the weekly Diary.

I intend to record mondays – sundays the progress of the Sea monkeys and aqua dragons into one vlog so you all can keep track of which is best.