Aqua Dragons Vs Sea Monkeys August 15th 2017

Have you ever had Sea Monkeys or Aqua Dragons well I have done the double and creating a weekly Vlog and Daily Blog on these critters.

I woke up and looked this morning 15th August 2017 and there were a few babies already out and when I checked at dinner break there were loads.

Sea Monkeys 15th August 2017
a few babies



Link to my Playlist on YouTube Channel

I am doing a weekly vlog all the weeks diary vlogs in one vlog every Sunday while I can.


Aqua Dragons Vs Sea Monkeys Unboxing

Here is the first of many and its only the Unboxing but next Sunday 20th August 2017 will be the first full week of the weekly Diary.

I intend to record mondays – sundays the progress of the Sea monkeys and aqua dragons into one vlog so you all can keep track of which is best.


Why I am not afraid to point a camera at my face

OK so here goes as you may already know for about a year I have been Vlogging and Blogging which gets confusing at times but that’s my life and I am not going to change a thing.


I created this to show people the real reason why I spend every day Vlogging as well as keeping up a normal 9 to 5 job which is not easy.

There comes a time when you just want to quit editing and creating vlogs but then a second later you give yourself a slap, but the editing and creating is the most amazing thing as you can change a vlog in so many ways just by editing.

My Vlogs might not be up to scratch like other vloggers but then my life style is completely different and im a lot older lol.

Im still here

Hey there you good peeps.

Yep its been a week or so since I have written a blog about anything well here is the reason why.

8 years ago my mother passed away just before my 40th Birthday and every year for 2 weeks I get rather upset and want to keep away from everyone which is tricky when I work in the retail sector lol..

But now my 48th Birthday has passed (was on aug 4th) I can get on with my life well until next year. I have managed to upload some vlogs o my youtube channel which were tricky to film but managed it.  Also my work has changed a little, the shop I was supervisor for is going to be closing in January and for the last few months someone else has taken over just to see what they can do with it.  So now I am working in other shops and its a bit strange after being in one shop for 18 months.

I have also been creative recently which will be seen in future blogs on here and first thing I would like to post on here is a QR Barcode which links to my YouTube Channel.


So hope everyone is ok and if you are following my channel on here and YouTube I thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much it would be nice to get to 100 subscribers on YouTube yep I am not one of those fully paid YT just a beginner trying to find his feet


Who will be the new Dr Who

here in the UK we are on tender hooks waiting for later today when the new Dr Who will be announced but typical of the BBC we have to wait till the end of the mens final of Wimbledon which to me is arggg as I am not a tennis fan so its a matter or waiting and waiting.  Here below are the list of who could be.

But if you are reading this when the person has already been chosen then oops lol

So there you go the candidates and only a few hours to go till we all find out who it will be, most of you reading this wont even care and most probably wont even click the link to read all this so dont know why I am typing this lol but you never know.


My top 3 candidates are


This is my total Number 1 who I would love to see as DR WHO think he has the look of Dr Who but also the dark humour side which is a total necessity.


My Number 1 Female role would be Olivia she is wonderful and a brilliant actress who can adapt perfect for her roles, plus she would have the whit and  characteristics to pull it off no problem.


I remember Kris when he was in the hit show My Family brilliant and funny. He would be my next favorite to play the part, but its not my choice.

So lets wait and see and I guess the ratings here in UK for the Wimbledon’s final will increase the last 10 mins lol.

Until later

My Podcast Experiment

My Podcast

My YouTube Channel


I have decided to try something new when it comes to Vlogging well new to me as I know allot of people do Podcasts on YouTube but I feel I can express myself more with audio and it can be more of an experience if its done correct.

Even though this might not be a masterpiece I have allot to learn

So this will be up on YouTube 5pm GMT on Saturday 15th July,

The link below the picture will take you straight to my YouTube channel and see what you think..

What you got to loose