Testing Cheap toys Vlog

This is the first of my vlogs today that have gone live, This was a spur of the moment vlog I filmed this was not planned and im glad i had my camera on me, Hopefully this is the first of many testing vids..

Lucky the shop I work in we get donated some strange toys so testing them out will be fun in a vlog, wonder why I didn’t think of this in the first place.

The lad in the video has a good sense of Humour and he was working with me at the time.

This is the very first video to incorporate my brand new logo at the bottom right of the screen as you can see in the pic

Weekly Vlog #04

January 17th to 21st January 2017

A week of nothing exciting but I managed to record the sunrise each morning with each one better as I learned more about the camera, plus on Saturday 21st I managed to get to Dover Seafront at around 7.40am to record the whole of the Sunrise which you can see in this video towards the end (I put it in Time Laps).  I talk as well but not as much as I normally do. Was feeling a bit down as I was still thinking about my holiday the other week lol so not in work mode.  The Next Vlog will be more Energetic.


My Holiday Vlog

This is my holiday Vlog on YouTube was a long Journey to Hereford on the Monday 9th January 2017, there was a London Tube strike as well so was told when i got on the coach that there might be traffic problems in London so could get to Victoria Coach Station late.

Got to London 1hr 30 mins late and I had a connecting coach to Hereford but luck must have been on my side because that coach was also late so when I got there it was still waiting and loading passengers, the coach was supposed to leave London 11.30am but left at 12pm instead which only made me 30 mins late getting into Hereford.

This video is mainly a view from the coach window which may be interesting to some of you but its the best I could do.

Day 2 and 3

Final 2 days Day 4 and 5

Weight Loss Vlog Week 2


Here is my latest Weight Loss Vlog I wont tell you how much I have lost or gained you will have to see the video…

Also I test the video and pictures quality of the latest Camera and Mobile phone I have purchased.

So head on over to the Vlog and see lol


My Vlog #02 of 2017


Here is my latest Vlog on YouTube.. consists of 4 days of vlogging combined into 24 min which is not bad for me..

I brought myself a New camera for vlogging and a new phone so expect better photos and video..

I do talk allot in this vlog but its all good nothing bad and some could be interesting who knows so watch and see you never know..



Only one more day of work

Hey there my loyal followers how you all doing 🙂 hope all is well?

Yep only the rest of today and tomorrow at 4.30pm my Holiday starts well not officially going on Holiday till early Monday morning 9th January but still Sunday will be a day of getting everything ready and making sure I have everything, No matter where you go you always take one bag and come back with about 10 lol or is it just me.

So I have a couple of Vlogs still to upload before Monday, one will be my update on my Weight Loss which I do not think there will be any difference from last week, as long as it has not gone up that is..

I really do need to make these Blogs longer but its just knowing what to say I suppose the more I Vlog the more I will express things more, but do you just hate it when people just mumble on like this lol.

There are a few Vloggers I follow on YouTube Zoella, Joe Suggs, Alfie (PointlesVlog), The Inghams who I think are brill and some others to many to mention.

So Have you a YouTube channel I can share and subscribe to? do you know of any other brill vloggers I can Follow? and let me know what you think of my Vlogs, Not forgetting that I am buying a new camera tomorrow Saturday 7th to Vlog with so Sunday you will see a difference hopefully..


Well that’s it for this short Blog,.