What I have learned from Vlogging

Hi there finally I manage to type up this Blog for a change lol. I have been planning this for a few weeks but have been busy panning a new style of vlog, well new to me but others have done the same but better lol..

So about a year ago I started vlogging but only once a week or maybe every few weeks but my confidence was pretty weak so I did struggle allot especially when editing the vlogs, I have always had a keen interest in video editing, I have filmed lots of things before I vlogged I filmed lots of locations when I went on Holiday like Paris and trips out but I was never in the videos, was always the one holding the camera.

what got me interested in Vlogging was when I was put as a Supervisor of the Charity shop in dover for Emmaus, I was doing a daily diary where I would get into work and then video me chatting to my mobile this was only for my keeping so I could look back on how it started and I could see a big improvement in my learning because I was keeping track of the work. this got me thinking more about becoming a Vlogger, the only YouTubers I was following were Olan Rogers and a few gaming vlogs.

I accidentally came across Joe Suggs vlogs from varied random searches on YouTube and I was hooked lol and then found out that his sister was a vlogger Zoella then I started getting hooked on her vlogs and then lol her boyfriend was also a Vlogger Alfie Deyes and I started getting hooked on his vlogs, this then gave me the confidence to go ahead and film myself chatting complete nonsence and uploading and seeing what happens, I think for a few months I was on about 3 subscribers but I never gave up, I changed my style more times that I can think and slowly and i mean slowly I started to get more confident even to the point where I gave Vlogmas 2016 a go and managed to do all 24 days inc xmas day so I was well pleased. Vlogmas was only 6 months ago and since then I have grown with vlogging or should I say Evolved I look back at the Vlogmas I did and I am not really happy with most of it, I could have put more effort into it, the only good thing was the christmas tree lol but this year I plan on doing it all again but allot better.

Back to the title of this vlog, What I have learned from Vlogging….

  1. its a full time job
  2. editing can take more time than filming
  3. having a busy day and filming lots can get confusing when editing
  4. changing the style of vlogging there is more to it than that
  5. you have to have a passion for vlogging or it does not show in your vlogs
  6. every day is different even though the scenery can be the same
  7. very tricky when its just me and no group of mates
  8. trying to please everyone
  9. keeping your subscribers from unsubscribing
  10. social media is a brilliant way to get yourself known
  11. finding other vloggers to collaberate with
  12. the thrill of another famous vlogger answering one of your messages.
  13. theres lots more lol…
  14. BIGGGGEEESSSTTT thing is your confidence and communication skills improve so much that everyone around you notices..
  15. vlogging in public is the scariest thing i have ever done.

If you are one of the bloggers who wants to try vlogging give it a try, one good thing about youtube is that you can upload a video and keep it hidden until you feel confident to make it public.

I hope this Blog has not been to boring for you all. I just wanted to share with you why I vlog and how it can boost confidence.

Thank you for reading this and hope you come back soon, I do leave links here to my Vlogs on YouTube.


Only one more day of work

Hey there my loyal followers how you all doing 🙂 hope all is well?

Yep only the rest of today and tomorrow at 4.30pm my Holiday starts well not officially going on Holiday till early Monday morning 9th January but still Sunday will be a day of getting everything ready and making sure I have everything, No matter where you go you always take one bag and come back with about 10 lol or is it just me.

So I have a couple of Vlogs still to upload before Monday, one will be my update on my Weight Loss which I do not think there will be any difference from last week, as long as it has not gone up that is..

I really do need to make these Blogs longer but its just knowing what to say I suppose the more I Vlog the more I will express things more, but do you just hate it when people just mumble on like this lol.

There are a few Vloggers I follow on YouTube Zoella, Joe Suggs, Alfie (PointlesVlog), The Inghams who I think are brill and some others to many to mention.

So Have you a YouTube channel I can share and subscribe to? do you know of any other brill vloggers I can Follow? and let me know what you think of my Vlogs, Not forgetting that I am buying a new camera tomorrow Saturday 7th to Vlog with so Sunday you will see a difference hopefully..


Well that’s it for this short Blog,.


My Latest Vlog


Click the link to goto my YouTube page

This Vlog explains why I have gone to Video Blogging meaning its just like a podcast but

with video, this means it can take longer to film and edit rather than audio which is easy to edit, there is so much more to video, the lighting, editing, colour.

I started vloging many years ago the only reason at the time was that it would help boost my confidence in life, I could not look at myself without cringing and just general nerves.  What it has achieved is far more than I ever expected my Confidence is good and I can look at myself without any problems at all, I feel I have grown in character and positivity as well.

If you or anyone you know wants to attempt Vlogging then go for it please, you or they will be surprised on how it helps, One bad side is that some people are born for Vlogging and others just make videos that dont seem to attract anyone lol but we all have to start somewhere.

I am not in this to make money, I am not like Joe Suggs or Zoella they are brilliant at what they do and they are still young which I am Jealous about as when i was in my 20s I just wish there was something like this then as I would have jumped at the chance, but now im 47 I have started a few years to late I guess.

It would be nice seeing more people in there 40’s vlogging there are some out there already so good on them.

If #JoeSuggs or #Zoella manage to somehow read this I want to thank you sooo much for giving me the confidence to start vlogging.