Back to Brighton 10th July 2017

Yep I have said this in other blogs and vlogs that I intend to go back to Brighton after my First visit in April and go on the i360 and Vlog the whole experiene and that is what I am going to do Next Monday 10th July 2017 and I cant wait..

I also have plans to go back to the Duck Shop (yes i ment Duck) they sell rubber ducks in different character clothing


I really want to buy 2 of them and use one in My Vlog Videos and it will appear now and again and if i got London I want to take him to the parks and take pics with him in different places lol… sounds like a mad idea or a challenge..

the picture above I had taken when I went in April.



My London & Brighton Vlogs (Directors Cut) coming soon

I know I dont get many views or followers on here or Youtube but I do intend on Sunday to make a Directors cut of my recent London Vlog and Brighton Vlog even though they are in 3 or 4 parts these ones will be in one part each and at a guess 20 – 30 mins long.

So there will be lots in the vlog that were not in the recent parts. Hoping these will be up and running on Sunday some time so look out for these they will be interesting and worth watching.

Thats all at the moment im still at work so cant leave a long Blog this time.. and one final thing I will create a new Thumbnaill for the YouTube vlog’s

See you soon


My RYE vlog Tomorrow


Here is the teaser thumbnail for my Vlog tomorrow.

I have spent 2 hrs editing all my film footage and there was allot 10 gig worth lol managed to get a 12 min video I wanted to put more in but thought 12 mins was long enough.

The video is mainly Music and recorded footage of the bus journey in Fast Forward and me chatting now and again but not much lol.

In 2 weeks time I will be going to London for the day as I normally do when I get time off.. This time I will go and pay my respect on Westminster bridge for the ones who died.

so expect lots of film that will take me days to edit, also with a Brighton trip as well the day after im going to need all Easter weekend to edit it all..

So 6pm Tomorrow 28th March 2017 the vlog of my RYE trip will be online, I have already Scheduled it for that time and day just in case I forget..

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My Sunday extra Vlogs 26th March 2017


Just a short compilation of chit chat from the week of Vlogging but I lost half my recordings due to a silly error on my half, so planning a new way of editing my Vlogs and making sure I dont loose any data, plus during the week when chatting to the camera I do tend to repeat myself allot which I found annoying especially when editing lol but its something I have learned from watching myself on film, There are a few quirky things I have noticed about myself when I talk that im trying to iron out lol so thank you Vlogging you have taught me a few things lol lol lol


Vlogging in March

Here is the Playlist folder for my YouTube channel Vlogmarch which houses all

my March Reviews, this gets updated every day in March 2017 so keep checking back when you can..

There are lots of reviews and I know I dont go into much detail on each one but then again I dont want to make the Vlogs to long or I will loose the viewing figures.

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A dpk Film Extra a YouTuber

Here is an extra Film I filmed this morning on my day off. This was on Dover Beach at around 10am, I recorded lots of film so expect another film in a few days time with the rest of the footage lol…

It was a nice warm spring day and it made me feel happy finally seeing the sunshine with no wind and no chilling cold wind, even though it did get a bit chilly later.

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Review #05: Trap Door

My latest Review

The classic TV series Trap Door which was at the time brilliant..

I am still managing to upload a Review a day all this month of March and theres still lots to come so take a look and keep track of my new vlogs and of course my Sunday films (Vlogs).

I also reviewed the ZX81, C64, Time Gentlemen Please..

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