Sundays inspiration day

Hey there for all of you already following me on here then thank you and to all the newbies reading this where have you been lol click that follow and check out my previous blogs and you will see a link to my YouTube channel where I vlog allot lol..

Anyway lets get back to this blog, when I first started Vlogging I kept saying blog all the time on film and now im used to calling it Vlogging but the reverse has happened now when I go and Blog on here I end up typing Vlog argggg why is the world so confusing lol..

Today I went to get some Sea monkeys for my vlog project and when I went to get the bus back home there was this man sitting at the bus stop he had his bag to the left of him and he sat in the middle with his arm spread out to the right so no one could sit next to him which I thought was rather rude, why is it people do things like that, a few months ago I did a video and mentioned about on buses why people even me have to find a seat all to ourselves so when you get on a bus and the first thing you do is find 2 empty seats next to each other but if there is one person in all the seats then its finding someone to sit next to I always try to find the nicest looking woman to it next to and you even then get the people who sit with the shopping next to them on the seat so no one can sit next to them.

so why did I call this inspirational Sunday well its the first positive word I could think of and im an inspirational person I guess.

well that’s enough of me chatting away for today, I did say about 6 months ago that I was going to be more active on Blogging lol


Coming soon to my YouTube Channel

My Views on the Newscoming soon

Yes I want to give this a go, I have in recent Vlogs looked at the Bbc News page and read out what is on there and given my own views so thought I would give it, its own vlog. Yes I know its dangerous ground giving my own views but I will research what I can and cant say as I dont want to upset people lol.

I will give it a go and see what happens…


d.p.k Vlog: News Round Up


Here is my latest vlog on YouTube this was filmed on Saturday 18th February 2017 at around 8am so the news was online at the time, but as we know if you are reading this a year after then its old news but still worth a look could bring back some memories.

I have some more Vlogs going up tonight so will do a Blog for each one when they are uploaded and live.

I have changed the format of my Vlogs, now they will be between 3-5 mins long only unless I film a Holiday vlog etc then will be a little longer. I did a check on people viewing my videos on YouTube and people were only watching the first few mins so this is why I have changed the format.

I hope this gives me more viewers and thank you if you are following and like the vid





Weight Loss Vlog #06

Week #06 of my weight loss

cat believe its been 6 weeks already wow lol

within the last 6 weeks I have eaten less Junk Food, not snacked on crisps maybe the one packet but not like before, no fizzy pop at all apart from flavored sparkling water and the odd energy drink now and again, I used to drink fizzy pop all the time.

I drink more water at night and stopped eating at night, apart form the odd fruit here and there,

So I am trying and its working even though I cant see any difference in my weight by looking at me when I walk to work and back im not so much out of breath as its a steep hill I have to walk up and used to have breathing problems but now its no where near as bad.

so keep following to see my improvements.

My Random Vlog

This vlog was not expected really but after searching for a few days on Vlogging in Public I stumbled onto some interesting vloggers who had lots of different views on how they were treated vloggin in public and some of the comments they are getting on there videos, so thought ehh why not give my view on both sides of the coin as a vlogger and vice versa,

I have done a very short version in my weekly vlog #06 but this is the unedited version, no bad language just didn’t want to add the whole 8 mins into a weekly vlog but wanted to put my view across in case it helped anyone out there.

So please comment and subscribe if you can..

My Main Vlog #06

Now for the general vlog my weekly vlog on how things have been during the week, I enjoy filming most days and editing in to one vlog but at times its hard to do different vlogs every day because when im working its always the same backgrounds and things like that, only Mondays I can film something different but lucky next week I am in Ashford every day apart form Monday so should be more interesting in Vlog #07, not saying this vlog is boring I do chat about random things which are interesting so please watch and give me your opinion.


Testing Cheap toys Vlog

This is the first of my vlogs today that have gone live, This was a spur of the moment vlog I filmed this was not planned and im glad i had my camera on me, Hopefully this is the first of many testing vids..

Lucky the shop I work in we get donated some strange toys so testing them out will be fun in a vlog, wonder why I didn’t think of this in the first place.

The lad in the video has a good sense of Humour and he was working with me at the time.

This is the very first video to incorporate my brand new logo at the bottom right of the screen as you can see in the pic

What motivates you in life

OK so here is a  normal Blog with no video included lol.

So good question what motivates you in life, I know we are all individual and have different aspects in life but we all aim for the same thing, not to be lonely in later life, be able to afford to live in this crazy world when you retire, and to find the perfect partner.

My Motivation is making people smile and laugh, when customer come into my shop I always make sure they get a nice smile and a hello.  The regular cusotmers you know you can have a bit of banter with and more of a laugh which I love allot. If a customer goes out the shop with a smile then thats good enough for me and if they spend money its a bonus but generally the more you make people smile they spend more as well.

I gained my people skills working at Alton Towers theme park for 5 years when I lived in Staffordshire which is and will always be the best job I have ever had, it will take allot to beat that job.

I have had my share of depression and still have the good and bad days, if you have seen my YouTube videos then you know what I mean lol. yes I am a YouTuber but I am not one who makes money out of it its just a confidence boost and its helping me allot gain more skills like video editing, seeing those little things that I do that I dont realise like sayint emmm, and sooo allot which I am trying to sort out lol and its making me communicate more with people in real life, strange but that’s the truth. If you are interested in making YouTube vids and to scared to just give it a go make a 1 min long vid and see what happens.

As I was saying my motivation comes in different forms, making people smile and being creative on laptop/pc I love creating things, the game Sims 4 to me is brilliant I can create and watch life unfold games like that I can play for hours. in the early days it was Sim City and Sim Ant so cool what you can do on those games.

I do aim to do more on this Blog site, not just advertising my YouTube vids but I can get in the mood to write and write which I love doing, apart from my English Grammar is not perfect but I will get better the more I write.  I would like to do allot of Positive write ups to share with you all, there is so much I would like to share and hopefully help people out there because thats in my nature being a helpful person. If I can change one persons life for the better then I have achieved more than I could imagine

Until my next blog or vlog…

Keep it real and do something creative one day a week.