d.p.k Vlog: News Round Up


Here is my latest vlog on YouTube this was filmed on Saturday 18th February 2017 at around 8am so the news was online at the time, but as we know if you are reading this a year after then its old news but still worth a look could bring back some memories.

I have some more Vlogs going up tonight so will do a Blog for each one when they are uploaded and live.

I have changed the format of my Vlogs, now they will be between 3-5 mins long only unless I film a Holiday vlog etc then will be a little longer. I did a check on people viewing my videos on YouTube and people were only watching the first few mins so this is why I have changed the format.

I hope this gives me more viewers and thank you if you are following and like the vid





My Random Vlog

This vlog was not expected really but after searching for a few days on Vlogging in Public I stumbled onto some interesting vloggers who had lots of different views on how they were treated vloggin in public and some of the comments they are getting on there videos, so thought ehh why not give my view on both sides of the coin as a vlogger and vice versa,

I have done a very short version in my weekly vlog #06 but this is the unedited version, no bad language just didn’t want to add the whole 8 mins into a weekly vlog but wanted to put my view across in case it helped anyone out there.

So please comment and subscribe if you can..

My Main Vlog #06

Now for the general vlog my weekly vlog on how things have been during the week, I enjoy filming most days and editing in to one vlog but at times its hard to do different vlogs every day because when im working its always the same backgrounds and things like that, only Mondays I can film something different but lucky next week I am in Ashford every day apart form Monday so should be more interesting in Vlog #07, not saying this vlog is boring I do chat about random things which are interesting so please watch and give me your opinion.


Welcome 2017

Ok so a new year and a new me, well that’s my plan

I have made some New Years Resolutions which I still hope people do these days lol, its something I dont hear many people talk about.

I aim to improve my confidence more and express myself more with Vlogging and not forgetting Blogging which is still the best way to express yourself with words is far easier at time than talking into a camera.

This is why I plan on using WordPress more and getting myself out there more, 2017 to me is gonna be a Here’s Darren year.. I have never been a vain person or someone who thinks about himself more than others Im a good person with a kind heart but im tired of not having many friends in the world, it would be nice to chat and make some good decent genuine friends, The internet for me makes the whole world a smaller place, there are thousands of decent people who use the internet apart from the nasty trolls who dont seem to have a life of their own so they have to destroy other people instead well them people can just go and do one, maybe trolls should troll other trolls and keep out of the decent peoples way..

if a troll is reading this then head off back to where you belong.  so back to reality..

I do hope I can make some really good friends and share life’s ups and downs and hopefully learn from each other on life’s random life

My Latest Vlog


Click the link to goto my YouTube page

This Vlog explains why I have gone to Video Blogging meaning its just like a podcast but

with video, this means it can take longer to film and edit rather than audio which is easy to edit, there is so much more to video, the lighting, editing, colour.

I started vloging many years ago the only reason at the time was that it would help boost my confidence in life, I could not look at myself without cringing and just general nerves.  What it has achieved is far more than I ever expected my Confidence is good and I can look at myself without any problems at all, I feel I have grown in character and positivity as well.

If you or anyone you know wants to attempt Vlogging then go for it please, you or they will be surprised on how it helps, One bad side is that some people are born for Vlogging and others just make videos that dont seem to attract anyone lol but we all have to start somewhere.

I am not in this to make money, I am not like Joe Suggs or Zoella they are brilliant at what they do and they are still young which I am Jealous about as when i was in my 20s I just wish there was something like this then as I would have jumped at the chance, but now im 47 I have started a few years to late I guess.

It would be nice seeing more people in there 40’s vlogging there are some out there already so good on them.

If #JoeSuggs or #Zoella manage to somehow read this I want to thank you sooo much for giving me the confidence to start vlogging.

Wizards and all that stuff


I have spent the last few days watching all the Harry Potter films in the correct order which has been an experience seeing the characters age right in front of your eyes..

The reason for this blog is not to give my movie ratings to the Harry Potter movies even thought they are good films, this is mainly a fun blog wondering how the world would be if this kind of things was real in our reality and how it would affect everyday life.

Imagine if we could all do magic how wars would be fought and what a catastrophe the whole world would be in, we would all cast spells to make ourselves look better, love spells would be everywhere, money would not exist as we could wish for things and get them with the wave of a wand.  what would the police use to catch criminals, movies would be cheap to make as you would not have to pay for special effects, travelling would be instant and immigration would be up the wall, wow thinking more about this it would be a horrible world to live in, I think there would be more bad people using magic than good, so its a good idea this is in movies only unless there are secret organizations out there who can do these kind of things and if so ill sign up lol…

So all you Harry Potter fans out there be careful what you wish for..