Why I Vlog?

This is a short Vlog on Youtube I made today just explaining why I do what I do and how it helps me in life, and how much it motivates me to create vlogs.

Not everyone can pick up a camera and talk to it, I must admit it takes allot of guts and confidence to do that, and when i started I never had the confidence I just decided that I will have to do it and get used to it.

This Vlog goes into a little bit more detail.




Back with a Vlog

Sorry I have been a bit quiet the past few weeks been sorting out my life a little and getting back on track with work etc,.

Hope everyone is well??

I have a new vlog up tonight Thursday 8th June 2017 5pm GMT


I have changed my style of Vlogging as well now only Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I upload vlogs, and have calmed down a bit on recording every day which seemed pointless after awhile because I was deleting most of them and it was overtaking things at work think I was getting addicted to pointing the camera at my face lol.

I hope to produce better quality vlogging in the next few months as I have learned allot and not affraid to point the camera and video at different things and places.

If you can please check out my YouTube channel and like or just watch a few videos and see what you think, I did a 24days of christmas last year which was cool but I was still a beginner.


Thank you ..

Vlogging in March

Here is the Playlist folder for my YouTube channel Vlogmarch which houses all

my March Reviews, this gets updated every day in March 2017 so keep checking back when you can..

There are lots of reviews and I know I dont go into much detail on each one but then again I dont want to make the Vlogs to long or I will loose the viewing figures.

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A dpk Film Extra a YouTuber

Here is an extra Film I filmed this morning on my day off. This was on Dover Beach at around 10am, I recorded lots of film so expect another film in a few days time with the rest of the footage lol…

It was a nice warm spring day and it made me feel happy finally seeing the sunshine with no wind and no chilling cold wind, even though it did get a bit chilly later.

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Review #05: Trap Door

My latest Review

The classic TV series Trap Door which was at the time brilliant..

I am still managing to upload a Review a day all this month of March and theres still lots to come so take a look and keep track of my new vlogs and of course my Sunday films (Vlogs).

I also reviewed the ZX81, C64, Time Gentlemen Please..

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Vlogging in March

Hey there my loyal viewer or Newbie..

This month my aim is to upload a review each day could be tv, movie, old games, people, etc

this was my first one and its of the old classic tv series from the 80’s Star Fleet which not many of you would know about, it came out on Saturday Morning tv and then vanished only to appear about 30 years later on DVD..

So take a look at my review and see what you think.


dpk Vlog: Canterbury Wildlife

This was filmed on my Dinner Break whilst I was working in Canterbury next to Sainsburys there is a stream that leads to The Marlow Theater and this is some of what I filmed.

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dpk Vlog: 26th February 2017

Hey there everyone welcome back to my Blog and newest Vlog link.  This week has been a bit of a mixed one as I spent 2 Days working in the Canterbury shop and 3 days in the Ashford shop and I have not filmed much this week, I did take my camera with me everyday but you know when you dont see anything good enough to film and the result is just a few mins of video so was easy to edit lol.

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d.p.k Vlog: Canterbury

Welcome to my latest VLOG from Canterbury.

Also Introducing Kierun who I was working with in the Canterbury Shop today.

I walk around Canterbury and film some random things plus a few mins chatting and having a laugh with Kierun which was brilliant for this Vlog.

Let me know what you think and leave a comment