Coming soon to my YouTube Channel

My Views on the Newscoming soon

Yes I want to give this a go, I have in recent Vlogs looked at the Bbc News page and read out what is on there and given my own views so thought I would give it, its own vlog. Yes I know its dangerous ground giving my own views but I will research what I can and cant say as I dont want to upset people lol.

I will give it a go and see what happens…



New Trailer for my VLOG

Here is the trailer for my new Vlog idea VlogMarch

Where every day in March I will review a film, TV show, old school TV show, games, etc,

The First Review is the 1980;s Japanese puppet show Star Fleet bit like Thunderbird’s meets Transformers.

I am currently looking at all my Blurays and DVD’s to see what I can review lol I have enough films and dvds to do this for a few months.. Just want to try something new to get me more viewers hopefully.