A Western Heights Sunday Vlog

I decided to go for a walk to the top of Western Heights in Dover you can follow me by watching the video and see what happened.

Remember to click the picture above to watch the video.

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a dpk film: Week 14 Part 3

This is the final part of My Week 14 Vlog, had to spread it over a few days as I felt I had lots to say this week, some weeks its easier to Vlog and other weeks its not to easy, guess its just one of them things.

With my mental health up and down like a YoYo its not easy.

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Week 14 Part 1 Vlog

Here is my first part of my weekly Vlog, Normally I upload on Sundays but now and again you have to think outside the box and break your own rules lol and me being random well that explains it I hope.

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So until part 2 in a few days time…

thank you for watching..


On my way to Rye 

Hey there everyone reading this I’m on my way to Rye for the day in the south east. I’m on the bus and it’s only a 2hr bus ride going through folkestone, Dymchurch, camber sands then Rye. I am hoping to get. Some good video to edit for a vlog. 

I will try to take some pics to add to this vlog as well.