Weekly Vlog 5th March 2017: Paris trip 2010

Here is my latest Weekly Vlog (Film) this is a re-edit of my 2010 trip to Paris.

The other day I found my dvds with all my saved film from years ago so went through it and decided to make the next few Sundays a re-edit of past films I shot.

I found footage from Port Lympne zoo, London, Dover in 2010 and some other video so expect the unexpected lol.. the picture quality of some of the video will not be HD as I filmed all this before my HD days.

Hope you like this video, I did not manage to see much of the sights as it was a working holiday so only had about 5 hrs free time all the days I was there.

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Vlogging in March

Hey there my loyal viewer or Newbie..

This month my aim is to upload a review each day could be tv, movie, old games, people, etc

this was my first one and its of the old classic tv series from the 80’s Star Fleet which not many of you would know about, it came out on Saturday Morning tv and then vanished only to appear about 30 years later on DVD..

So take a look at my review and see what you think.


dpk Vlog: 26th February 2017

Hey there everyone welcome back to my Blog and newest Vlog link.  This week has been a bit of a mixed one as I spent 2 Days working in the Canterbury shop and 3 days in the Ashford shop and I have not filmed much this week, I did take my camera with me everyday but you know when you dont see anything good enough to film and the result is just a few mins of video so was easy to edit lol.

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d.p.k Vlog: Canterbury

Welcome to my latest VLOG from Canterbury.

Also Introducing Kierun who I was working with in the Canterbury Shop today.

I walk around Canterbury and film some random things plus a few mins chatting and having a laugh with Kierun which was brilliant for this Vlog.

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d.p.k Vlog: Chatting about Emmaus Charity

Hey there my loyal Bloggers

Thank you for stopping bye and reading this and hope you have watched the short Vlog. This is mainly about the place where I live and work Emmaus in Dover Kent.

This was also filmed on the Sea Front in Folkestone today Monday 20th Feb 2017. Was a nice warm day a spring day well thats what it felt like.

If you want to know more about Emmaus (Homeless Charity) there are some links in the YouTube description box for you to click on and read on its History.

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d.p.k Vlog: News Round Up


Here is my latest vlog on YouTube this was filmed on Saturday 18th February 2017 at around 8am so the news was online at the time, but as we know if you are reading this a year after then its old news but still worth a look could bring back some memories.

I have some more Vlogs going up tonight so will do a Blog for each one when they are uploaded and live.

I have changed the format of my Vlogs, now they will be between 3-5 mins long only unless I film a Holiday vlog etc then will be a little longer. I did a check on people viewing my videos on YouTube and people were only watching the first few mins so this is why I have changed the format.

I hope this gives me more viewers and thank you if you are following and like the vid





My Latest VLOG Delay


Hey there this is a pain in the ass lol pardon my language, the internet here where I live is just naff there are 30 people living here and 99% use WI-FI so its hard for me to upload sometimes during the weekend and today is one of them days so my Vlogs will be uploaded tomorrow Monday 13th Feb in the morning.

I have I 5 vlogs to upload all from the week just gone, thought I would separate the videos so they are about 6 mins each. While im typing this I am uploading the best I can so might get one or two vlogs uploaded tonight lol so I will link through here.

The photo above was taken on Saturday 11th February 2017 8am before I went to work.

So fingers crossed I get my Vlogs up and running within the next day or so.