Weight Loss Blog take 2

Ok so before xmas 2016 I made a new years resolution to follow from January about going on a diet which worked for about 6 weeks then I got depressed again and it all went out the window lol..

So prepare for Take 2 this time it will be a Blog I will do updates on YouTube once every few weeks.

So I need all the support I Can, Yes im overweight im 5ft 5 and 17stone so not extreme but still in the danger zone for Diabetes 2 and thats one thing I dont want so I must stick to it this time..

Any tips and advice (but be nice please) I want to make a change in my life and very positive about it..

I am starting this Sunday 9th July 2017 so expect first Blog on that evening GMT.

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Weight Loss Blog #07



Yep as I said this week my Weight Loss are going to be just BLOGS from now on no more Vlogging about Weight Loss because I was not getting the viewers and it takes about 2 hrs to get a video recorded and edited and other things just to get no viewers and Blogging only takes a few mins, but if people comment saying they want the Vloggs back then I will.

I am not giving up on my Weekly Vlogs though about general life that is going to be ongoing will I feel the urge to stop.

So well cant believe its been 7 weeks since I started my weight loss Diet, Started at 109kg and last week was down to 106kg so thats not bad for the first 6 weeks and today I am still at 106kg but I did let myself go a little this week by having a McDonald’s meal but did walk it off and it didn’t effect my weekly result lol but I guess treating myself once in awhile is no harm as long as its not everyday.

I have been working in Ashford this week so my eating pattern has been out of sink ad not eating as much as I should do and not the correct healthy food, but hardly any bad apart from the McDonald’s meal.

This week im back to normal work wise so will have soup for dinner and tea will vary when I get back from work every day.

So from this week onward.

SUNDAYS 8pm: Weight loss blog and what I weigh in KG

TUESDAYS 8pm: Just a general update on my lifestyle and eating habbits

FRIDAYS 8pm: Again just general chat about things and updates from Tuesdays

This is what I have planned for the evenings on them days

So if you feel like following me and subscribing then please do, ill try not to make it to boring.

my weekly weight loss vlog

hi thank you to my one loyal viewer of my weight loss vlog I do every week in a vlog for youtube but from this sunday onwards i will only be doing a weekly blog on  wordpress rather than a video as I don’t get enough viewers on YouTube and it would be easier to keep track of plus I can update any time of day on my mobile.  I  have been filming lots of video during the week to edit into my weekly vlog which i am definatly not giving up on.  

i know I don’t get lots of viewers which is life i guess but stick with me,  I  do have lots of plans for the coming few months to  make my vlogs more interesting. plus the more weight I loose the better more confident in vlogging I will be. 

keep following  or subscribe if you can

Weight Loss Vlog #06

Week #06 of my weight loss

cat believe its been 6 weeks already wow lol

within the last 6 weeks I have eaten less Junk Food, not snacked on crisps maybe the one packet but not like before, no fizzy pop at all apart from flavored sparkling water and the odd energy drink now and again, I used to drink fizzy pop all the time.

I drink more water at night and stopped eating at night, apart form the odd fruit here and there,

So I am trying and its working even though I cant see any difference in my weight by looking at me when I walk to work and back im not so much out of breath as its a steep hill I have to walk up and used to have breathing problems but now its no where near as bad.

so keep following to see my improvements.

My Main Vlog #06

Now for the general vlog my weekly vlog on how things have been during the week, I enjoy filming most days and editing in to one vlog but at times its hard to do different vlogs every day because when im working its always the same backgrounds and things like that, only Mondays I can film something different but lucky next week I am in Ashford every day apart form Monday so should be more interesting in Vlog #07, not saying this vlog is boring I do chat about random things which are interesting so please watch and give me your opinion.


Testing Cheap toys Vlog

This is the first of my vlogs today that have gone live, This was a spur of the moment vlog I filmed this was not planned and im glad i had my camera on me, Hopefully this is the first of many testing vids..

Lucky the shop I work in we get donated some strange toys so testing them out will be fun in a vlog, wonder why I didn’t think of this in the first place.

The lad in the video has a good sense of Humour and he was working with me at the time.

This is the very first video to incorporate my brand new logo at the bottom right of the screen as you can see in the pic

Vlogs will be up soon

I have edited 4 new vlogs which should have been up at 4.30pm the time I normally upload and its all up and running but due to lots of editing I started at about 1 pm and finished editing them all at 4pm lol 3 hrs editing but I enjoyed creating and seeing what new things to do. I normally use Filmora which is brill but limited so this time I used Pinnacle studio 20 which is brill and easy to get to grips with plus I like the way you can edit your film and slide it into your video.

So here are the teaser thumbnails for you to look at and when the vids are up and running ill link them when they are uploaded and ready….

the vlogs should be up and live around 8pm tonight hopefully