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My week April 2018 (Week 14)

Just over 2 years ago they started building the new St James retail park in Dover.  When I started running the Bench Street shop in January 2016 they had just knocked down the old building that was there and what an eye soar that was, when I was vlogging those days in the shop I actually recorded outside when they were building so I will have to go through all them vlogs and take images and put them in a slide show on here which will bring back some memories, but first before that I will put some new pictures up, so far as I type this there are only a handful of shops open Cineworld,  Nandos, Iceland, Costa, Poundland with others moving in within the next few weeks’ time, when they are open I will go and take some newer photos for this vlog.

Now to the big question is the shopping complex going to improve footfall in Dover, my thoughts are yes even though some of the big shops in dover are moving into the complex like M&S the main shops will close leaving the town a bit empty so hoping that other companies will move into some of the shops, we know that B&M will be moving into where M&S are at the moment which will be good, if we get more shops like that then the town will not be forgotten, this kind of change is happening in most towns and city’s new complexes being built, I remember the time I went to Swindon a few years back they had the Old Town and the new shopping area which to me was nice and not bad looking but I was only a visitor.

I have so far recorded a few vlogs this week showing the new complex just walking round the car park. I did go and see the new film Ready Player One in 3D in the new cinema Cineworld, the film was amazing in 3D can’t wait for that to come out on Bluray.

The reason for this vlog is just to let you know how I’m doing and how life has been treating me this week, yep that’s what I am planning doing a weekly blog on my life and week which will hopefully make an interesting read and not a boring one hopefully, I will include photos from the week and the ups and downs.

So far I have been ok at Daily Vlogging on YouTube the link you can find below to my channel, and this week I have off work so lots planned vlogging wise and photo wise.

So what I want to vlog in the week..

  1. Sundays – Saturdays (every week)
  2. Films watched
  3. Work days
  4. Events
  5. Gossip
  6. News
  7. Other interesting things

I can’t plan what I will be doing each day but I can blog the best I can.

So hopefully this new plan will work better for my Blogs

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Best of March 2018

Hey there well here goes, The months seem to come and go so fast I cant believe its the end of March 2018 so the best bits of the month are as follows:

I took 2 weeks off Social media to refresh my mind and get a few things done in the real world then during that time I managed to create a New channel name for my YouTube channel and create a new look opening sequence, so was a productive 2 weeks lol.

work was ok this month but depression was trying to kick in again, was a struggle to keep it from taking over my world again, I managed to try to get on the Council list again and it was mainly a waiting game.

I managed to watch more YouTubers and get myself known a bit more, finally this month I reached 100 subscribers which I was so happy about.

Also this month there was a Tag Question going round so I managed to get hold of the questions so will attempt to do a vlog of my own in the next few weeks answering the questions, or maybe do it live.


1. Describe your content in a full sentence.

2. what equipment do you use to film?

3. what do you use to edit?

4. what youtuber do you most resemble in terms of content?

5. which big youtube would you love to collab with and why.

6. does your channel reach the new monihtazation guide lines?

7. do you think the new guide lines are fair?

8. what do you classify as a small youtuber?

9. If you had more money, equipment, support what content would you create?

10. do you watch and or support other small youtubers?

11. list 3 hobbies outside of youtube.

12. when do you upload?

13. where do you see your channel in a years time.

14. tell us your social media.

15 does pineapple belong on pizza?

So are you or any one you know a YouTuber if so leave a comment and ill check out your channel and hopefully give you a shout out.

100 subscribers on my YouTube Channel

So it has taken me since I started vlogging about 18 months ago to get to the milestone which is 100 yes most of you reading this are telling me to grow up as most youtubers get 100 subscribers every day and more but for me this is good, im not after the big bucks im just here to share my life and bring positivity to all.

If people dont like my YouTube channel then thats fair as there are lots of YouTubers out there I wont watch so I fully understand.

Also I have had 2 weeks off social media well kind of I have watched a couple of youtubers vlogs like the Michelaks and watched the Lodge Guys live stream but I could not help it as I have so much respect for the Lodge Guys they have helped me allot on my channel. Plus uploading this the day before I upload my new vlog for the end of the 2 weeks.

One of my new ventures into vlogging is reacting to Mysterious Universe stories, I love the podcasts they make about the unexplained etc they are amazing and I emailed them if I could react to there podcasts being positive and they said yes no problem i just have to link there web site to the vlog..



Aqua Dragons – The life of

Welcome and you are the first to see the screen shots, I have created a few vlogs which are not uploaded yet so be privileged to see these lol..

I tried this last year but I accidentally over fed them and the water was polluted so this time I am making sure I dont goof it up, This will be a weekly vlog and Blog but I will blog pictures first before the vlog goes online.

As you can see in these Day 03 photos there are hundreds of little Aqua Dragon Babies swimming round, they normally take about 2 week to grow so they become more visible, the more they grow the better the photos, so if you want to follow the progress of my Aqua Dragons then please follow this blog, I will also link future vlogs here as well so you can check my YouTube vids.

I will blog again in a few days time with more pictures, the first video will be going on YouTube 18th March 2018…


Comedy does not come natural

Hey there welcome back to my Blog, I  have been trying to write a script for a comedy sketch for my YouTube Vlog even though the sketch will be only a few mins long its a nightmare to get it written down as I keep changing lines and more ideas keep apearing in my mind, which is a good thing because I am writing things down which can be used in future comedy sketches.

The other problem is that I have never done a comedy sketch before in any of my 300+ vlogs so this is the first, the idea has been plaging me like crazy I could have filmed it months ago but always backed down but now my confidence is better I know it will be ok for my first sketch.

And yep as always I will leave a link on my Blog to the Vlog when I finally film it and upload it to YouTube so you can see.

If you are interested in finding out how I get on follow me on here to catch my future vlogs with the links attached,

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Week 7 Vlog (2018) life and all things like that

Hey there fellow Bloggers welcome again to my blog page

Today I managed to upload my Week 7 vlog of 2018 which is a bit different than normal and defiantly different than last weeks Anxiety episode.

This week I mainly chat about work and the passing of a good friend who used to be apart of Emmaus.

 ^ Click above to watch the vlog^

I am hoping to film a vlog all about the work I do and the Charity I live and work at just so you can get to know a bit more about me, I will also do a Blog here explaining but not in depth just a general blog..

There are so many ideas I have to vlog about but its getting it all down on paper and knowing where to start, I dont want to give lots away about me I need to hold some things back to keep my independence lol.. but Blogging is a different matter I feel I can express myself more and be more myself in writing, more creative, more mystery about my life and things.

So if you are reading this and not following my Blogs please click the Follow or if not leave a message as no one does lol but would be nice now and again, I guess I am not writing interesting things on here or I would be getting lots of messages, A few years ago I wrote a blog about fly’s and do they travel through wormholes (its a long story) but I deleted it ages ago, but that blog got a few messages which was nice, so I think I need to come up with something extraordinary for anyone to comment.

Anyway thats it for this Blog, please check out the vlog above and if you have YouTube subscribe, like etc,.


What I love and hate about Winter in England

Hope this blog is not to strange but wanted to share with you my likes and dislikes about winter here in the good old UK.

So first of all I am not a hot weather person noooo cant stand it when the heat is more than 30c it makes me feel so uncomfortable and its not that easy cooling down either so the summers here are ok mainly 23c or 30c at a push but I would hate to live in a hotter country even though people are always saying its a different heat but its still hot no matter what, its like when people say oh its that fine rain that gets you wet emmm all rain gets you wet lol. Springtime and Autumn time are my favourite seasons because its not to hot and not to cold.

Now things have changed a little seeing as im getting closer to 50 yrs old I am starting to feel the cold more and now living by the sea its even worse with the wind being so strong as there is nothing to block the wind when it gets to strong, and the wind, the rain and cold well that’s when I say bring on Summer lol.. I guess its being human where we keep changing our minds what we like and don’t like.

I do allot of people watching and see some of the habits of various people of different ages and seeing what the older generation get away with and the younger generation its quite fascinating.

If any of you reading this have had this kind of experience please comment and let me know would be nice to chat, that kind of thing really does interest me. Also being a Vlogger I see this pattern in peoples vlogs from week to week sometimes contradicting themselves even I have done it in some of my vlogs its quite amusing especially when I think what I have said etc,.

Last week I did make a vlog and blog about my mental health as last week my anxiety was so high it was like being on a rollercoaster all week but this week so far being a Tuesday 6.20pm everything is good, im smiling and not a worry in the world but that could change in a second so I had better not think about that to much. I am also working on a new style of vlogging I want to do some short History vlogs there are plenty of places here in Dover England I could goto and film a short 10 min vlog but im waiting for better weather, I did try the other day but the wind was so strong as most places are out in the open and not covered up.

well there ya go, I had better end this blog for now, I do intend to do more blogging.

My Plan is

VLOGGING Sundays (during the week film what I can and make one video to upload every Sunday)

Blogging Mon to Fri spend more of the free time I have from vlogging less and concentrating on blogging because with words you can say more and your feelings come out better.

so thats my plan and if you want to follow my journey then please click that Follow button and see what happens in my life.