Welcome to my world.

I have a positive out look on life, inm 48 and will be 50 on August 4th 2019 so still have awhile till I hit that milestone.

I Vlog because it has given me a new lease of life, Boosted my confidence so much its hard to believe, I have always had a passion for video editing and being creative and this gives me all opportunities to gain more skills in that field.

I am an outgoing, kind hearted, soppy romantic at heart, waiting to find a woman I can share that with lol, honest and reliable.

I ventured into Blogging many years ago and now again I have changed the whole aspect of what I vlog about but this time I have found it where I belong lol, The main blogs you will see here are the weekly links to my YouTube Vlogs (Link to my YouTube channel can be found on my Social Media page.

Please comment on any of my blogs thats one thing I never get comments lol but I will one day..