Who will be the new Dr Who

here in the UK we are on tender hooks waiting for later today when the new Dr Who will be announced but typical of the BBC we have to wait till the end of the mens final of Wimbledon which to me is arggg as I am not a tennis fan so its a matter or waiting and waiting.  Here below are the list of who could be.

But if you are reading this when the person has already been chosen then oops lol

So there you go the candidates and only a few hours to go till we all find out who it will be, most of you reading this wont even care and most probably wont even click the link to read all this so dont know why I am typing this lol but you never know.


My top 3 candidates are


This is my total Number 1 who I would love to see as DR WHO think he has the look of Dr Who but also the dark humour side which is a total necessity.


My Number 1 Female role would be Olivia she is wonderful and a brilliant actress who can adapt perfect for her roles, plus she would have the whit and  characteristics to pull it off no problem.


I remember Kris when he was in the hit show My Family brilliant and funny. He would be my next favorite to play the part, but its not my choice.

So lets wait and see and I guess the ratings here in UK for the Wimbledon’s final will increase the last 10 mins lol.

Until later


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