My New Style of Vlogs

Well what might be new to me has already been done by so many on YouTube but trying to give it something different.

I look on different web sites for fun news and zany news and come up with some stories to tell you once a week, which will be a Wednesday unless I cant find anything for Tuesdays Slot then will upload more than one a week.

What I love the most about doin this style is that I am educating myself, normally I would watch the news or read the news then forget about it but this way I am researching and learning more so when I come to tell you the news I dont look so lost, this episode though I look like a lost sheep as I have allot to learn so stick by me if you can and subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on here and I will link all I can.

so sit back and try to watch this all the way through.. it can only get better.



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