My attempt to film under sea

This is an experiment using my cheap action camera

About a year ago I wondered into the shop B&M and purchased for £19.99 an Intempo Action Camera and yes i knew before i brought it that it was a cheap version of the Go-Pro and it was not that good but ehh im not an action person so thought why not.

Yep you get what you paid for and its worth £19.99 you cant do the full on action film that the others do because when you watch the film back its all wobbly like jelly when the camera moves sideways lol.. but for still action shots its not bad, the biggest let down is the battery life can last about 30 mins if its constantly recording but if you stop and start then it lasts about 20 mins.

I was impressed with what I filmed and this was the first time I have used it with the plastic underwater cover which worked perfect.

so if you like the video then please follow, like or subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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