My Review of Release the Hounds itv2

Yes this is my personal review of the itv2 show Release the Hounds with the Youtubers special, staring Alfie Deyes (Pointlessvlog), Joe Sugg and Marcus Butler.

What I love the most about this show is the contestants when they are met with the challenges they seem to get to scared (dont get me wrong I would be scared to in that situation) its the sets that amaze me the time and effort in the scenes some look like scenes from the saw movies and some from the film the shining well thats what it seems like from my prospective, I remember Alfie saying that they were in the forrest for 16 hrs wow that is along time. Also makes you think are the sets safe for them to run around in but then you realise its a reality show so its got to be lol..

If you havent seen the show then head to itv2 the on demand service. dont know how long they are going to be shown on there.

if you are from anywhere else in the world then I dont know how you will get to see it unless it appears online somehow..

Well all i can say is watch my short review and follow,subscribe etc..


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