Evolution of a Vlogger


Where do I start..

I have only been a YouTube Vlogger for a few short years but before that I uploaded lots of videos without me being in them just general out and about videos. I decided to Vlog to boost my confidence and see if I could get the courage to do it.

I Follow quite a few Famous Vloggers, Zoella, Joe Sugg, Alfie (Pointless Blog), The Michalaks, Ingham Family, Olan Rogers etc,. Watching one of Zoellas latest vlogs she did a Q&A and talked about what it was like to vlog when she started and that no one else was doing it so it was new territory so she learned that random people would approach and ask for autographs etc so she has to deal with the YouTube life with Alfie and the her real life which must be a struggle sometimes, but watching that gave me a reason for this Blog and the title.

There must be over a few thousand people now who use YouTube and social media to Vlog and most hardly get any views or subscribers like me but im not in it for all that, I do Vlogging for me and if anyone else watches then good on them, it would be nice to get more comments and likes plus subscribers.

In the next few weeks I will do a Vlog all about this going into more detal.

My new vlog will be up and running tonight 4.30pm 16th February 2017


Thank you for reading this and please follow my blog for updates..


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