end of another day

hey there my loyal blogger hope you are well and thank you for following.  

yes its nearly well will  be the end of another tuesday by the time you read this it will be wednesday yet again,  i would hate to know how many tuesdays i have had to deal with in 47 years of my life but it never gets easy lol

as most of you know i am a youtuber so i do allot of videoing each day,  why do i do it i hear no one ask well we all have our hobbies weather it be football or cars youtubing is my thing,  but and yes a big but lol I still have no confidence in vlogging in public so i guess its time to give it a try soon and see how easy it is. 

yes there is a stigma attached to vlogging,  you get people acting silly in the background and look at you like you are strange,  but as one youtuber said keep filming the weird ones vanish and you never see them again,  just think of it as just you and the camrera and no one else.  

so i will give it a go soon.  next time im in ashford 

wish me luck 


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