New Trailer for my VLOG

Here is the trailer for my new Vlog idea VlogMarch

Where every day in March I will review a film, TV show, old school TV show, games, etc,

The First Review is the 1980;s Japanese puppet show Star Fleet bit like Thunderbird’s meets Transformers.

I am currently looking at all my Blurays and DVD’s to see what I can review lol I have enough films and dvds to do this for a few months.. Just want to try something new to get me more viewers hopefully.


dpk Vlog: Canterbury Wildlife

This was filmed on my Dinner Break whilst I was working in Canterbury next to Sainsburys there is a stream that leads to The Marlow Theater and this is some of what I filmed.

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dpk Vlog: 26th February 2017

Hey there everyone welcome back to my Blog and newest Vlog link.  This week has been a bit of a mixed one as I spent 2 Days working in the Canterbury shop and 3 days in the Ashford shop and I have not filmed much this week, I did take my camera with me everyday but you know when you dont see anything good enough to film and the result is just a few mins of video so was easy to edit lol.

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d.p.k Vlog: Chatting about Emmaus Charity

Hey there my loyal Bloggers

Thank you for stopping bye and reading this and hope you have watched the short Vlog. This is mainly about the place where I live and work Emmaus in Dover Kent.

This was also filmed on the Sea Front in Folkestone today Monday 20th Feb 2017. Was a nice warm day a spring day well thats what it felt like.

If you want to know more about Emmaus (Homeless Charity) there are some links in the YouTube description box for you to click on and read on its History.

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d.p.k Vlog: My Book Idea “Evolution of a Vlogger”

This is one of the biggest challenges I have Faced since Being a YouTube Vlogger

I would love to write a book based on Vloggers when they first started out, what they hoped to achieve and the Hurdles they have had to overcome to be Famous in the spot light all the time, what its like to be in magazines and on TV and how they feel now and how it effects every day life for them.

The only problem is starting off the project as I have tried contacting certain vloggers but no response etc,. I Guess I have to keep trying and make they realize that I am Genuine on this idea.

If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know in a comment.. Thank you

d.p.k Vlog: News Round Up


Here is my latest vlog on YouTube this was filmed on Saturday 18th February 2017 at around 8am so the news was online at the time, but as we know if you are reading this a year after then its old news but still worth a look could bring back some memories.

I have some more Vlogs going up tonight so will do a Blog for each one when they are uploaded and live.

I have changed the format of my Vlogs, now they will be between 3-5 mins long only unless I film a Holiday vlog etc then will be a little longer. I did a check on people viewing my videos on YouTube and people were only watching the first few mins so this is why I have changed the format.

I hope this gives me more viewers and thank you if you are following and like the vid





Evolution of a Vlogger


Where do I start..

I have only been a YouTube Vlogger for a few short years but before that I uploaded lots of videos without me being in them just general out and about videos. I decided to Vlog to boost my confidence and see if I could get the courage to do it.

I Follow quite a few Famous Vloggers, Zoella, Joe Sugg, Alfie (Pointless Blog), The Michalaks, Ingham Family, Olan Rogers etc,. Watching one of Zoellas latest vlogs she did a Q&A and talked about what it was like to vlog when she started and that no one else was doing it so it was new territory so she learned that random people would approach and ask for autographs etc so she has to deal with the YouTube life with Alfie and the her real life which must be a struggle sometimes, but watching that gave me a reason for this Blog and the title.

There must be over a few thousand people now who use YouTube and social media to Vlog and most hardly get any views or subscribers like me but im not in it for all that, I do Vlogging for me and if anyone else watches then good on them, it would be nice to get more comments and likes plus subscribers.

In the next few weeks I will do a Vlog all about this going into more detal.

My new vlog will be up and running tonight 4.30pm 16th February 2017


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