What motivates you in life

OK so here is a  normal Blog with no video included lol.

So good question what motivates you in life, I know we are all individual and have different aspects in life but we all aim for the same thing, not to be lonely in later life, be able to afford to live in this crazy world when you retire, and to find the perfect partner.

My Motivation is making people smile and laugh, when customer come into my shop I always make sure they get a nice smile and a hello.  The regular cusotmers you know you can have a bit of banter with and more of a laugh which I love allot. If a customer goes out the shop with a smile then thats good enough for me and if they spend money its a bonus but generally the more you make people smile they spend more as well.

I gained my people skills working at Alton Towers theme park for 5 years when I lived in Staffordshire which is and will always be the best job I have ever had, it will take allot to beat that job.

I have had my share of depression and still have the good and bad days, if you have seen my YouTube videos then you know what I mean lol. yes I am a YouTuber but I am not one who makes money out of it its just a confidence boost and its helping me allot gain more skills like video editing, seeing those little things that I do that I dont realise like sayint emmm, and sooo allot which I am trying to sort out lol and its making me communicate more with people in real life, strange but that’s the truth. If you are interested in making YouTube vids and to scared to just give it a go make a 1 min long vid and see what happens.

As I was saying my motivation comes in different forms, making people smile and being creative on laptop/pc I love creating things, the game Sims 4 to me is brilliant I can create and watch life unfold games like that I can play for hours. in the early days it was Sim City and Sim Ant so cool what you can do on those games.

I do aim to do more on this Blog site, not just advertising my YouTube vids but I can get in the mood to write and write which I love doing, apart from my English Grammar is not perfect but I will get better the more I write.  I would like to do allot of Positive write ups to share with you all, there is so much I would like to share and hopefully help people out there because thats in my nature being a helpful person. If I can change one persons life for the better then I have achieved more than I could imagine

Until my next blog or vlog…

Keep it real and do something creative one day a week.



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