Before I go on holiday

From January 9th to the 13th 2017 I am going to visit my sister for the week and get away from work which im happy about lol..

It’s so nice being in contact with my sister again after so many years, I did go to visit in July 2016 and filmed lots while I was there but when I edited the video and put it on YouTube I could have done a better job, but I have learned allot about editing the past few months so my plan is to give the film footage a new edit and produce something eye catching and emotional, I plan on doing this before I go on Monday 9th so think I will edit Saturday and upload on Sunday…

I still have to do another Weight loss vlog for Sunday and yes I have been sticking to eating healthy the past few days.. Im feeling positive about all this and sharing the info with everyone lol..

I have used WordPress for many years but always gave in and deleted and started again but this is the first time I have shared any content with Facebook and other social media, Knowing anything I type on here now will be seen by all my friends on Facebook and Twitter lol scary when you think of it.

I do have allot of time for WordPress its a very interesting and very good Blog platform.

So until my next Blog …

I will be using this not just for a link to my Vlogging but general chatter about anything when I feel like chatting..

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Blogger

Darren Keenan


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