Welcome 2017

Ok so a new year and a new me, well that’s my plan

I have made some New Years Resolutions which I still hope people do these days lol, its something I dont hear many people talk about.

I aim to improve my confidence more and express myself more with Vlogging and not forgetting Blogging which is still the best way to express yourself with words is far easier at time than talking into a camera.

This is why I plan on using WordPress more and getting myself out there more, 2017 to me is gonna be a Here’s Darren year.. I have never been a vain person or someone who thinks about himself more than others Im a good person with a kind heart but im tired of not having many friends in the world, it would be nice to chat and make some good decent genuine friends, The internet for me makes the whole world a smaller place, there are thousands of decent people who use the internet apart from the nasty trolls who dont seem to have a life of their own so they have to destroy other people instead well them people can just go and do one, maybe trolls should troll other trolls and keep out of the decent peoples way..

if a troll is reading this then head off back to where you belong.  so back to reality..

I do hope I can make some really good friends and share life’s ups and downs and hopefully learn from each other on life’s random life


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