My Latest Vlog


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This Vlog explains why I have gone to Video Blogging meaning its just like a podcast but

with video, this means it can take longer to film and edit rather than audio which is easy to edit, there is so much more to video, the lighting, editing, colour.

I started vloging many years ago the only reason at the time was that it would help boost my confidence in life, I could not look at myself without cringing and just general nerves.  What it has achieved is far more than I ever expected my Confidence is good and I can look at myself without any problems at all, I feel I have grown in character and positivity as well.

If you or anyone you know wants to attempt Vlogging then go for it please, you or they will be surprised on how it helps, One bad side is that some people are born for Vlogging and others just make videos that dont seem to attract anyone lol but we all have to start somewhere.

I am not in this to make money, I am not like Joe Suggs or Zoella they are brilliant at what they do and they are still young which I am Jealous about as when i was in my 20s I just wish there was something like this then as I would have jumped at the chance, but now im 47 I have started a few years to late I guess.

It would be nice seeing more people in there 40’s vlogging there are some out there already so good on them.

If #JoeSuggs or #Zoella manage to somehow read this I want to thank you sooo much for giving me the confidence to start vlogging.