Wizards and all that stuff


I have spent the last few days watching all the Harry Potter films in the correct order which has been an experience seeing the characters age right in front of your eyes..

The reason for this blog is not to give my movie ratings to the Harry Potter movies even thought they are good films, this is mainly a fun blog wondering how the world would be if this kind of things was real in our reality and how it would affect everyday life.

Imagine if we could all do magic how wars would be fought and what a catastrophe the whole world would be in, we would all cast spells to make ourselves look better, love spells would be everywhere, money would not exist as we could wish for things and get them with the wave of a wand.  what would the police use to catch criminals, movies would be cheap to make as you would not have to pay for special effects, travelling would be instant and immigration would be up the wall, wow thinking more about this it would be a horrible world to live in, I think there would be more bad people using magic than good, so its a good idea this is in movies only unless there are secret organizations out there who can do these kind of things and if so ill sign up lol…

So all you Harry Potter fans out there be careful what you wish for..




Hello to you all and welcome to my post…..

Finding Positive things in life is not easy, sometimes you have to go through allot of negativity till you realise there is a positive outlook on life.. I have faced lots of Negative things in life, being made homeless years ago, girlfriends leaving me, girlfriend passing away, mother passing away, etc., but I’m still here enjoying life the best I can. I wish I could click my fingers and bring positive thoughts to everyone but its not as easy as that.. in 2007 I went through depression which made me homeless but while in depression I could not think rationally so locked myself away in my flat and would not speak to anyone then I got the Eviction notice and that gave me a reason to start chatting to family to help but I was made homeless then I found myself in Dover where my life has gone through so much.

Now my life is getting on track but I still have them days that I feel depression kicking in but I manage to kick it away..

The only problem with my mind is that I do have lots of Anxiety attacks and panic attacks, I have learned the triggers that start them off which is a step forward.

Example of my mind, If I plan a bus trip on my day off work I start to think what if there are idiots on the bus or something happens to the bus then all that thinking becomes reality in my mind so I decide not to go on the bus, its hard for me to think positive at times and there are always hundreds of things going on I’m my mind and hard to shut them off at times. I have started to learn to control the thoughts and to ignore the negative outcomes and learning to face any challenges set to me which I think in the past I have always given in and walked away from challenges in life.

My job is Shop Supervisor and the challenges I am facing are teaching me lots about life and from January 2017 I hope to be made Shop Manager, so wish me luck and I will be blogging all the way with all the ups and downs over the next few months and beyond..

Thank you for reading